Sports Videography

More and more sports organisations are looking at video to improve their content across social media, and boost their awareness.

Video content for your club is the best way to show potential members what you have to offer, whether it's filming a game/match or live streaming.

No matter the sport, we can provide you with a multi cam experience to promote your club or event through video, complete with professional on screen graphics.

Below are examples of our sports work.

We can also provide you with a platform to enable you to generate further income for your club/association by making your content available as a paid digital download.

Ashton-under-Lyne Golf Club

In 2022 they started work, developing a part of the land that wasn't used to it's full potential, into a short game facility. This is where members, and visitors, can practise their chipping onto greens and out of bunkers.

The club commissioned us to produce a video, showing the progress made during the two weeks the contractors were there building and shaping the facility.



In 2021 the club approached us to film and produce content to cover their annual Pro-Am event, sponsored by SRL LTD.

We spent the afternoon filming the event, featuring some of golf's top professionals, and created this video for their social media.




Glossop North End Community Football Club

More recently, we have been approached to film the U21's team, as they reach the climax of their season, and potentially the play offs.

We film the entire game and then produce a highlights video for social media.

Below are the two most recent games we have covered.


Glossop North End vs Atherton FC


Poynton vs Glossop North End


Hyde United vs Glossop North End

Radcliffe vs Glossop North End