Model Portfolio Start Up's


We have noticed, during the Covid-19 lockdowns, that there is an increasing demand of people who have been taking stock of life in general, and have decided that they wish to take up modelling as either a hobby or full time career.

Starting up as a model can be quite a daunting task, and we constantly hear of models starting out, and being asked to part with £100's of their hard earned money to pay to get onto agency books, normally with a portfolio of around 5-10 images, only to receive hardly, if any work. 

We've also heard of stories of photographers, wishing to assist models in starting up their portfolio, and constantly messaging aspiring models to send them pictures, sometimes very explicit, and then attempt to force them into a shoot, with a theme/look that the model isn't comfortable with, or doesn't wish to shoot whatsoever.

As a professional photographer, these stories are sadly vast, and when we conduct model shoots, we constantly hear these stories, and to say it saddens us is an understatement.

We have decided that it's time that we launched a truly unique model portfolio building service, that doesn't cost the earth, gives you countless images to start your portfolio, and gives you complete control of the look and the type of modelling you wish to move into.

Before the shoot, we liase with you, either through text, social media or via phone/zoom, on the look and style that you prefer, or if you're not 100% sure, we will assist with what look we feel would best suit you.

We will also guide you, and help you to build your own portfolio, without the need of expensive agency fees, and prove how you can control your own future career as a model, and earn money!


Head Shots-031Head Shots-031   Blue Spotted Dress-455Blue Spotted Dress-455    mono-133mono-133


Here is the offer!!!


  • Outdoor shoot - 2 hours long - 2/3 outfit changes - min of 10 high res digital images per outfit - full licensing permissions for all images - images stored on your own password protected webpage and free for you to download whenever you wish.


  • Studio shoot - 2 hours long - 2/3 outfit changes - min of 10 high res digital images per outfit - full licensing permissions for all images - images stored on your own password protected webpage and free for you to download whenever you wish.


  • Source suitable locations for your outdoor shoot, and if preferred, a location near you.


  • After the shoots, we will create online galleries where you will be able to view the raw, unedited, images and choose which you would like to go into your final online gallery of professional, edited images.


  • We will work to looks/style that you wish to work to, and will not force any particular style that a model isn't comfortable with.


  • After the shoots, and once you've received your fully edited images, we will advise you as to the best route to take your modelling career, and how you can quickly get paid for future shoots, and how you can control future shoots.



Bethany 1-114 edit 1Bethany 1-114 edit 1    Mike_2-147Mike_2-147


DSC_1069DSC_1069    Studio Shoot Yellow Olivia-100Studio Shoot Yellow Olivia-100


_DSC5854_DSC5854    mono-9598mono-9598


Test-512 monoTest-512 mono



Just to confirm, all of the above is just £55. There's no hidden extras, no extra payments required for image downloads, all models will be asked if they wish to bring a chaperone (in fact we always insist they do), and we can guarantee you will have a fun and relaxed time shooting with us and will come away from your shoot excited, exhilarated, and ready for your journey into the world of modelling. 

If you would like to ask any further questions regarding this offer, then feel free to either drop us a message via our contact us page, or visit our Facebook page, and drop us a DM from there.

If you feel that this package is ideal for kick-starting your portfolio, and modelling career, then you can also book by clicking on the button below.


A non-refundable deposit of £20 is required to secure your booking, with the balance to be paid on the day of the shoot.


To pay your deposit, please click the link below.