The Wedding of Laura Evans & Craig Nesbit


Saturday 13th August 2022, Laura & Craig will be married at the King Edward Street Chapel in Macclesfield.


For those unable to make it in person, this webpage will allow you to watch the live streaming of their wedding ceremony.

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The ceremony will commence at 2pm (GMT), and the live streaming will start at 1:45pm (GMT).

If you wish, you can also watch the stream via YouTube. This will give you the chance to send messages of congratulations to Laura & Craig, during the ceremony, and they will receive them once the ceremony is finished.

Click here to watch the live stream of the ceremony directly through YouTube.


Bonus Live Video!!!!

As well as the ceremony, you can also watch the speeches, live, during the afternoon celebrations.

The speeches are scheduled to start around 4pm (GMT), and we will start the live streaming at 3:45pm (GMT).



Click here to watch the live stream of the speeches directly through YouTube.


Don't worry if you're unable to watch the wedding or the speeches live, as the video will remain on this webpage, for future viewing.

Thank you for watching.