Dance Shows/Theatre Groups


More and more dance and theatre groups, are looking for innovative ways of raising revenue for their organisations.

One of the best ways is through the filming of performances and making them available to download for a small charge.

We can film your performances, with a Multicam set up, then edit the final performance, and make it available for clients/parents to download, with proceeds going back into your organisation.

We can also live stream performances, so if you sell all your tickets, and demand is still high, live streaming will enable you to raise more income, by selling links to the streaming of your performance.

This year we have worked with some amazingly talented groups, and filmed their performances, which have then been made available for download.

To give you an example, below is a couple of videos we put together for a children's ballet school in Staffordshire, showcasing their Christmas 2022 production.

1:30pm Stupid Cupid


Tinkerbell 1:30pm