Over 20 years ago a close family friend let me loose using his Zenit film camera, and this led to my love of photography and taking pictures. 

Eventually I had my own kit and learned my skills using up hundreds and hundreds of rolls of film.

Then the digital age came in and made things a lot easier, and I became a mad nikonite.

I continued with photography as a hobby and it wasn't long before I was being asked to take portraits, model shoots etc., so decided to take the plunge and create a mini business out of my hobby.

Since turning professional I've had images from model shoots published in various magazines, had images printed in calendars (one for Alzheimers charity and one is the January shot for the Manchester Evening News 2016 calendar). Also had a couple of celebrity "pap" shots featured too.

Whenever I'm out and about, my camera is normally with me as you never know when a photo opportunity is around the corner, and when I have a spare few hours or day, you can often find me wandering round Manchester honing my street photography skills, or visiting places around the region shooting landscapes or finding hidden pictorial treasures. Some of these shots will become available to buy as prints, canvases from this website.